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Friend! YES! I’m so so happy to see you here. I hope you’re having a nice day and feeling good about life. If you’re not having the best day, I’m here with my music and joy to hopefully make you feel better.

Here is a just a lil snippet more about me.

I make feel-good music that I perform at riotous live shows to leave you feeling like you can take over the world. After music, my second biggest passion is seeing people succeed at the things they set out to do. Seriously. Like, almost as pumped as performing.  I want everyone to feel like they can live a creative, happy life.  

I’m a craft nerd, tech geek, and devout DIYer. My addiction to the creative process has led me to make my own dresses for performances, design my website, lovingly rot in front of my computer engineering my own records and editing/animating my music videos, or making custom merch via Shrinky Dinks and polymer clay.