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Project #13

The Do Gooda Project 13

Who wouldn’t like a little pick me up via a message in chalk??? This is a really easy and quick way to bring a smile to a face of someone you know and care about. If you want to be like Bert from Mary Poppins and draw multiple tiny detailed scenes…that is up to you. Haha!

Project #9

The Do Gooda Project 9

We all have that busy person in our lives who deserves a break. This week I plan on making a quick and easy dinner for someone in my life who has way too much going on. If you want to take part in this I suggest making something like baked ziti or a casserole. Double the recipe so you have a meal for you and give the other to that super cool person in need of some extra time.

Project #5

The Do Gooda Project #5

Who doesn’t love a surprise delivery of homemade cookies, cakes, spinach dip in a bread bowl or any other kind of deliciousness? Let’s face it, everyone loves a treat!!! Make a little something that is easy to do and give it to someone who you think could use an extra smile.

Project #1

The Do Gooda Project

Snail mail is a lost form of communication. The convenience of our everyday digital connection to one another has made us forget how wonderful letter writing can me. Getting a letter in our real life mailbox from someone we know and love is always a welcome gift among bills and junk mail. I might do this project more than once this week.


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