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Project #10

The Do Gooda Project 10

Animals are people, too…right? I don’t own any pets, but I do love petting and hugging them when I get the chance. This week I plan on finding a near by animal shelter and donating a few things that they need. Feel free to comment with suggestions!

Project #6

The Do Gooda Project 6

Paying for a stranger’s coffee is a nice morale boost in a world where humanity seems like it’s slipping through the cracks. Give the cashier a few extra bucks and ask them to put it towards the next order. Just think about the huge smile the person behind you will be wearing once they realize their order was given a discount by someone they don’t know! Be sure to tip the cashier, too!

Project #2

The Do Gooda Project

This project is super simple and free. Write a note to give to a stranger. Write something light and ridiculous that will hopefully making the person smile. I’ll be writing something along the lines of “Dear Wonderful Person, This note has a goal. The goal is to make you smile like a darn fool. This note has eyes and can see you smiling. Just kidding about the eyes. That’s creepy, but hopefully you are smiling now. Feel free to give this note to someone you want to make smile like a darn fool. Have the best day!” Or you can do something a simple as a smiley face and text that says “I hope this makes you smile.” Give it to a passerby who you think might need it and walk away.


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