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Project #12

The Do Gooda Project #12

I’m a way late in posting this week but with good reason…It’s Earth Day!!! Hooooray! This brings me to the topic of plastic bottled water. I notice when I drink bottled water I never drink the whole bottle. Then my whole life is full of half-empty bottles everywhere. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but have you ever seen photos of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It makes my heart sink to think of all that plastic floating in our planet’s waters because it’s not being disposed of properly. I’m a big advocate of using less bottled water. Most of the water I drink is filtered water. I drink the filtered water from my fridge or I use the Bobble (which has a water filter in it). Each water filter saves the planet from 300 plastic bottles. Try it out! You’ll notice you’ll save the world from unnecessary plastic. Save the planet y’all!!!

Project #8

The Do Gooda Project

I don’t know about you, but I forget my darn reusable bags a lot more than I’d like to admit. Most of the time I’m out and about and realize I need to stop at the store for a few things…and of course my reusable bags are at home. A lot of the time I look ridiculous attempting to carry a ton of groceries in my arms in order to save a “plastic tree.” I’m going to put in a super duper conscious effort to remember my darn reusable bags!!!

Project #4

The Do Gooda Project

Ahhh…recycling. It’s one of those things we all know we should do, but also something we can get a bit lazy with now and again. Take the time this week to look into your local recycling schedule and write it down somewhere as a reminder. Get an understanding of what your town is able to recycle. If you tend to have a lot of something that isn’t on their list of recyclables find another place that might accept them so they won’t sit in the ground for 450 years. I’m sort of a recycling freak already. So this week I’m going to find something else that I can recycle.


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